Windsor Cricket Club Caps Presentation

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Cricket Numbers presentation

Windsor cricket club was founded in 1995 when the two cricket clubs of Windsor and Eton and Windsor Victoria joined together to become one club. These two cricket clubs had proud independent traditions that stemmed back over a hundred years and the rivalry between the clubs was always intense as you can imagine being in such close proximity to each other.

The coming together of the two clubs was mainly the brainchild of our Club President Craig Kitching who worked tirelessly to bring this idea into fruition to try and improve the already high standard of cricket played down at the Home Park.

The actual decision was made in 1994 when both clubs independently voted to join together to form the club we all know now Windsor Cricket club.

However in cricket club terms we are still a new club and luckily for us we have had a fantastic cricket historian in Chris Smith who has gathered and maintained records of every game played by Windsor CC over the years.

For most of us the ultimate we will ever achieve in cricket is that we will be picked to represent the 1st Team and this is something that if achieved should be celebrated and remembered and a way to do this by recording in date order what number you were in a list of players when you first represented the 1st Team just as the international cricket teams do. This number then gives your date in history it is your number forever no one can take it away from you and none else will share your number. If you have a lower number than your mate it doesn’t mean you are a better player it just means you played for the club 1st Team at and earlier date.

The tradition began in Australia, the brainchild of the history-minded Steve Waugh soon after he took over as Test captain in 1999, although the numbers first appeared on the yellow Aussie one-day caps rather than the baggy green ones or the shirts (England were the first to do that, in 2001). Waugh explained at the time: “Not only do we embrace tradition, but we feel an obligation to set new ones to hand on to coming generations.”

When we have presented all the current numbers I want this tradition to continue for our club every time a player is selected to represent the 1st Team in a league game for the 1st time, whether that be on a Saturday or a Sunday so long as it is a league game they will be presented with their cap and their number will be recorded in the history of the club.

I hope you wear your cap pride and remember that it does identify you to the club. To those former players and those on a break I hope this cap will show that we want you back and to play for the club again you are part of our history forever. And for the players who have not got a number yet I hope it will inspire you to go out and get that 1st Team place and feel proud to have done so once you have achieved this ambition.

Cap Orders

Now you have checked out the list of players if you want to order a cap for yourself or friends or family please would you contact me at with your full name, email address and postage address. Once I have got sufficient numbers I will then reorder more caps and send yours onto you. There may be a small charge for this depending on numbers and postage costs.

Richard Charters Windsor CC

List of Caps


Number Name Date Opponents
1 N.Austin 13th May Farnham Royal
2 G.Barnett 13th May Farnham Royal
3 R.Charters 13th May Farnham Royal
4 A.Clifford 13th May Farnham Royal
5 S.Cowen 13th May Farnham Royal
6 A.J.Doree 13th May Farnham Royal
7 A.K.Doree 13th May Farnham Royal
8 S.Hothi 13th May Farnham Royal
9 W.Spence 13th May Farnham Royal
10 M.Taylor 13th May Farnham Royal
11 N..Wing 13th May Farnham Royal
12 M.Frost 20th May Amersham
13 N.Ahmed 27th May Chipperfield
14 I.Ishaq 27th May Chipperfield
15 J.Smith 27th May Chipperfield
16 C.Gower 17th June Marlow
17 R.Mohindru 17th June Marlow
18 M.Patel 8th July Falkland
19 S.Shaw 22nd July Fleet
20 C.Snashall 22nd July Fleet
21 A.Janisch 29th July Burnham
22 F.Allies 19th August Staines & Laleham
23 M.Joel 16th September Datchet
Number Name Date Opponents
24 I.Gould 11th May Farnham Royal
25 R.Spence 11th May Farnham Royal
26 C.Bartlett 19th May Woking & Horsell
27 S.Feeney 19th May Woking & Horsell
28 W.Griffiths 19th May Woking & Horsell
29 S.Kemp 19th May Woking & Horsell
30 M.Wright 19th May Woking & Horsell
31 R.Chakraborty 16th June East Molesey
32 K.Clifford 16th June East Molesey
33 J.Bartlett 30th June Egham
34 C.J.Hills 13th July Hillingdon
35 R.Black 14th July Richings Park
36 R.W.Noble 28th July Staines & Laleham
37 T.Laing 11th August Old Hamptonians
38 R.Pearce 11th August Old Hamptonians
39 A.Wigley 11th August Old Hamptonians
40 S.Bowles 17th August Staines & Laleham
41 J.Mason 18th August Chertsey
Number Name Date Opponents
42 P.Fryer 17th May Old Meadonians
43 K.Newman 17th May Old Meadonians
44 S.Meakins 18th May East Molesey
45 P.Ridgers 18th May East Molesey
46 P.Billingham 24th May Chipperfield
47 N.Williams 1st June Farnham Royal
48 T.Denning 15th June Woking & Horsell
49 R.Dawson 10th August Byfleet
50 R.Hughes 17th August Egham
51 N.Denning 14th September Gerrards Cross
Number Name Date Opponents
52 T.Bullock 9th May Datchet
53 L.Freeman 9th May Datchet
54 S.Methven 9th May Datchet
55 K.Austin 16th May Eversley
56 P.Bullock 17th May Old Hamptonians
57 P.Holland 17th May Old Hamptonians
58 D.C.Longmore 17th May Old Hamptonians
59 S.Rodwell 6th June Hillingdon
60 M.Huggins 20th June Marlow Park
61 B.Cunningham 28th June Egham
62 C.Knott 28th June Egham
63 J.Royston 28th June Egham
64 N.Snashall 28th June Egham
65 K.Mobley 1st August Maidenhead & Bray
66 N.Pardoe 9th August Woking & Horsell
67 K.Condon 6th September East Molesey
Number Name Date Opponents
68 R.Smythe 8th May Datchet
69 P.Thompson 8th May Datchet
70 C.Edge 15th May Kidmore End
71 S.Dole 16th May Chertsey
72 R.Endacott 16th May Chertsey
73 R.Ramachandran 16th May Chertsey
74 D.Pitcher 27th June Stoke Green
75 M.Salik 27th June Stoke Green
76 C.Laing 11th July East Molesey
77 A.Shields 22nd August Old Hamptonians
78 R.E.Noble 5th September Woking & Horsell
Number Name Date Opponents
79 D.Betts 13th May Harefield
80 A.Chorley 13th May Harefield
81 N.Silvy 2nd September I.C.I.
Number Name Date Opponents
82 B.Davis 12th May Harefield
83 D.Hurd 12th May Harefield
84 B.Trummel 12th May Harefield
85 C.Ford 27th May North Maidenhead
86 D.O’Bryan 27th May North Maidenhead
87 B.Parker 17th June Taplow
88 Z.Akbar 24th June Farnham Common
89 O.Birch 15th July Kidmore End
90 A.Ashraf 21st July O.M.T.
91 J.Beattie 29th July Tiddington
92 M.Hussain 29th July Tiddington
93 D.S.Brown 5th August Marlow
94 O.W.Smith 5th August Marlow
Number Name Date Opponents
95 C.Bird 11th May Cove
96 R.Crabtree 11th May Cove
97 D.Marriott 11th May Cove
98 D.Watkins 11th May Cove
99 P.Huggins 30th June Tiddington
100 M.Gould 21st July Burnham
101 B.Richardson 28th July Stoke Green
102 U.Ahmed 18th August Kidmore End
103 T.Houghton 18th August Kidmore End
104 L.Shepherd 18th August Kidmore End
105 M.Shepherd 18th August Kidmore End
Number Name Date Opponents
106 M.Greene 10th May Basingstoke & N.Hants
107 R.Matthews 24th May North Maidenhead
108 T.O’Shaughnessy 8th June Burnham
109 B.Lickley 15th June Tiddington
110 A.O’Shaughnessy 29th June Kidmore End
111 J.Bannerjee 20th July Aston Rowant
112 S.Condon 20th July Aston Rowant
113 U.Malik 17th August Chalfont St Peter
114 H.Singh 17th August Chalfont St Peter
Number Name Date Opponents
115 J.Granger 8th May Harefield
116 T.Smith 22nd May Basingstoke & N.Hants
117 A.Clarke 29th May Thatcham Town
118 D.Pitt 30th May Taplow
119 A.Subharkar 30th May Taplow
120 R.Baumgartner 27th June Kidmore End
121 A.Bullock 27th June Kidmore End
122 A.Khanna 27th June Kidmore End
123 D.Bradbury 4th July Beaconsfield
124 H.Chana 4th July Beaconsfield
125 S.Bishop 11th July Farnham Royal
126 R.Evans 11th July Farnham Royal
127 R.Cripps 18th July Aston Rowant
128 A.Hill 18th July Aston Rowant
129 R.Hodgson 18th July Aston Rowant
130 G.Gould 15th August Chalfont St Peter
131 N.Cornish 21st August Cove
Number Name Date Opponents
132 S.Millman 7th May Wokingham
133 M.Mirza 7th May Wokingham
134 A.Towse 7th May Wokingham
135 S.Eggenhuizen 5th June Kidmore End
136 C.Kellard 5th June Kidmore End
137 R.Doye 12th June Aston Rowant
138 R.Woodward 12th June Aston Rowant
139 J.Holmes 19th June Thame
140 M.Lines 26th June North Maidenhead
141 A.Shafiq 2nd July Hampton Hill
142 V.Venkataraman 17th July Taplow
143 A.Harrison 7th August Beaconsfield
144 D.Cornish 14th August Burnham
145 S.Martin 14th August Burnham
Number Name Date Opponents
146 W.Nichols 13th May Burnham
147 T.Hartridge 14th May Aston Rowant
148 B.Kemp 14th May Aston Rowant
149 S.Shafi 14th May Aston Rowant
150 A.Smith 14th May Aston Rowant
151 D.Riches 4th June Tiddington
Number Name Date Opponents
152 B.Malloch 19th May Wokingham
153 P.Howard 19th May Wokingham
154 A.Javaid 19th May Wokingham
155 M.Alam 3rd June Chalfont St Peter
156 M.Care 3rd June Chalfont St Peter
157 B.Lewis 3rd June Chalfont St Peter
158 J.Thompson 3rd June Chalfont St Peter
159 A.Weston 3rd June Chalfont St Peter
160 C.George 23rd June Finchampstead
161 S.Jordan 8th July Aston Rowant
162 B.Harris 22nd July Burnham
163 V.Nair 22nd July Burnham
164 N.Patel 22nd July Burnham
165 K.Baumgartner 4th August Hillingdon Manor
166 G.Sangha 12th August Kidmore End
Number Name Date Opponents
167 R.Gregory 7th June Basingstoke & N.Hants
168 S.Hayward 7th June Basingstoke & N.Hants
169 D.Bean 8th June Aston Rowant
170 M.Murray 28th June Finchampstead
171 W.Lloyd 12th July Datchet
172 A.Haynes 13th July Farnham Royal
Number Name Date Opponents
173 G.Jones 10th May Aston Rowant
174 J San Jose 16th May Chiswick & Latymer
175 M.Khan 24th May Tiddington
176 S.Perwaz 24th May Tiddington
177 Z.Zafar 24th May Tiddington
178 S.Moran 7th June Farnham Royal
179 M.Chambers 5th July Burnham
180 H.Gill 5th July Burnham
181 A.Khokhar 5th July Burnham
182 R.Lazarczuk 19th july Aston Rowant
183 O.Jordan 26th July Chalfont St Peter
184 J.Barton 29th August Finchampstead
Number Name Date Opponents
185 W.Vandenberg 8th May Kew
186 W.Van de Merwe 8th May Kew
187 N.Borland 15th May Maidenhead & Bray
188 M.Stevens 30th May Thame
189 M.Cant 6th June Horspath
190 W.Mohammed 6th June Horspath
191 B.Payne 13th June Chenies & Latimer
192 C.McInerny 11th July Bledlow
193 J.Tuthill 25th July Horspath
Number Name Date Opponents
194 A.Kurth 14th May Chalfont St Peter
195 M.Peacock 15th May Kidmore End
196 J.Waldron 15th May Kidmore End
197 R.Lewin 22nd May Horspath
198 R.Bousfield 5th June Chalfont St Peter
199 S.Oberai 5th June Chalfont St Peter
200 A.Allen-Turner 6th August Hayes
201 W.Harris 14th August Burnham
Number Name Date Opponents
202 W.Banner 12th May North Maidenhead
203 L.Patchett 12th May North Maidenhead
204 J.Bhabra 13th May Kidmore End
205 P.Bowley 13th May Kidmore End
206 A.Gaywood 13th May Kidmore End
207 J.Grewal 13th May Kidmore End
208 J.Clark 20th May Boyne Hill
209 J.Green 20th May Boyne Hill
210 H.Jordan 20th May Boyne Hill
211 J.Kier 20th May Boyne Hill
212 K.Das 16th June Fleet
213 S.Mangat 16th June Fleet
214 J.Ganapathy 29th July Burnham
Number Name Date Opponents
215 J.Madley 11th May Finchampstead
216 M.Malik 11th May Finchampstead
217 J.Jani 3rd August North Maidenhead
Number Name Date Opponents
218 J.Mace 10th May North Maidenhead
219 A.Ambrose 17th May Cookham Dean
220 J.Pennisi 31st May Maidenhead & Bray
Number Name Date Opponents
221 M.Overall 9th May Kidmore End
Number Name Date Opponents
222 B.Durrant 7th May Kew
223 J.Clark 7th May Kew
224 J.Lincoln 7th May Kew
225 J.Hall 4th June Cove
226 M.Lazarczuk 11th June Falkland
227 J.Hawkes 16th July Wokingham
228 H.J.Evans 16th July Wokingham
229 R.Agrawal 3rd September Marlow
Number Name Date Opponents
230 S.Rajaguru 27th May Harefield
231 A.Kulkarni 10th June Chesham
232 D.Allen-Turner 5th August Maidenhead & Bray
233 K.Lall 5th August Maidenhead & Bray
234 R.McKay 5th August Maidenhead & Bray
235 J.Singh 5th August Maidenhead & Bray
236 H.Baig 12th August Chesham
237 H.Ziemkendorf 12th August Chesham
238 C.Dixon 19th August Kidmore End
Number Name Date Opponents
239 D.Carlton 12th May Amersham
240 H Evans 7th July Hayes
241 S.Illiyasdeen 7th July Hayes
242 G Smith 28th July Marlow
243 T. Brooker 18th August Maidenhead and Bray




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