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Skipper’s Q&A: Richard Endacott

By September 17, 2020 No Comments
We asked Richard Endacott, 4th xi captain & Under 10s Czar, some quick questions on reflection of the 2020 season.
[To defuse confusion, the 4’s were colloquially known as the Roger Moore’s”
Would you say this season has been a success?
In the 1990 movie Fire, Ice and Dynamite, Sir George played by the great Roger Moore fakes his own death; yet, as we saw in You Only Live Twice and Skyfall you can only keep a Bond lead character quiet for so long and so is the same for Windsor CC’s own ‘Roger Moore’s’. The 4s have had a resounding rebirth, like a Phoenix from the Flames, the heart and soul of the cricket club has risen triumphantly to widespread acclaim and approval, to the point where for the last game of the season even the Skipper wasn;t selected. ‘Success’ does not do the season justice it was a complete an utter triumph, one even Solitaire could not have predicted. It definitely was not a seson to ‘Live and Let Die, because ‘For Your Eyes only’ the Roger Moore’s are back.
Who’s surprised you in your team this summer?
James Bond – Richard Endacott obvs
Octopussy – Steve Driver, a wicket smuggler and wealthy businessman with large breasts
Mischka – Nilesh Bhandari  and Grischka  – Dhruv Sharma – both knive throwing henchmen who perform in Octopussy’s circus
Kamal Khan – Will Moss dealing in fake Faberge eggs disguised as wicket taking balls.
Magda – Cameron Mobley a trusted henchman to Octopussy
Gobinda – Charlie Kingsford a trusted bodyguard.
Lenkin – Vinod Created the fake Faberge eggs, late but at least they turned up.
Q – Yash the 4ths Gadget designer
Who are you looking forward to having a big summer in 2021?
The conveyor belt of colts cricketers is really going to bear fruit in the coming season, the 4th team is going to package them up and deliver them ‘oven ready’ to the 1st XI ready for 2022. The Roger Moore’s will say goodbye to Nilesh, Dhruv, Cameron, Will and Charlie to play higher in the club, but watch out for Harry Bicknell, Harry Pritchard, Danny Gadd, Bailey Niblett, Monty Latimer, Nicholas Falconer, Lockie Lee, Jake Seeburg, Jimmy Winch, Rohan Sharma, Arjan Momi, and Joshua Claasen coming through. The future is very bright indeed.
What will you remember about the 2020 season?
The return of the Big Beasts to the club, Tom Bullock, Craig Bird and Andy Shields, swelling the bar profits and proving you are never too old for this wonderful game.
What moment would you say summed up being a skipper for Windsor CC?
Steve Driver after being barbecued shouting obscenities at me for the next 4 hours, ‘never a run there Driver’.


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