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Skipper’s Q&A: Mark Lines

By September 18, 2020 No Comments
We asked Mark Lines 1st xi captain and all around club furniture, some quick questions on reflection of the 2020 season.
Would you say this season has been a success? 
Major success! To see all three league teams finish in the top 3 of their respective divisions was a example of the talent in depth we have. Also being able to field a 4th team for friendlies, stuffed with lots of talented youngsters playing with some experienced heads to guide them through their first experiences in men’s cricket is undoubtedly a success seeing as there were days in years gone by that we were afraid we wouldn’t be able to field a 3rd team.
Who’s surprised you in your team this summer?
SJ [Sam Jordan] – he and I had a good old chat before the season on where I could get the best out of him coming off a couple rough summers formwise, which I’m sure he would agree with. I was surprised when he said Batting 3 was his preference and wasn’t sure it would be the right move but he defiantly proved me wrong, finishing as one of the highest run scorers in the team.
Also Seeing Ryan [Lewin] wearing any kind of top/shirt on for any prolonged period of time surprised me as it comes off swiftly in the bar once a few “sours down under”.
Who are you looking forward to having a big summer in 2021?
I can’t pick out one individual but seeing a lot of youngsters, Charlie [Jackson], Kai [Ziemkendorf], Chris [Dixon], OJ [Ollie Jordan], Tom Lilburn and Ryan step up another level next year. Still think there’s a lot more to come from the team! Of course, watching Vishal Nair bat as is a thing of beauty!
Also Ryan keeping his top on in the bar would be a good thing.
What will you remember about the 2020 season?
Kai and Ryan’s hilarious observations on flags and scoreboards! Cake club brought from the Founding Father [Rob Mckay] in New Zealand and the controversy of the winner which is still ongoing. Also, Kai scoring 3 tons in Sunday games… great achievement for a “bowler” and only 17 years old.
Charlie constantly telling me he’s a number 3 Bat batting at 10, but scoring a 50 (or 49 depending on who you ask) in the last game. Handy having a scorer who’s your sister right?
What moment would you say summed up being a skipper for Windsor CC?
Being able to get in the nets with the next generation of cricketers in the club and see the talent coming through the club. Very exciting!
The great atmosphere and buzz around the club on and off the pitch has been fantastic this year!


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