July 2020 Club update

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Hi everyone

The great news is that our cricket season is recommencing with effect from 11 July 2020 and the plan is for the Thames Valley league to start from 18 July 2020. The new format will mean that we will play the last nine prearranged leagues games and will extend the season later into September. All league games for all our three X1s be on a win lose basis, and champions will be crowned at the end of the season, but there will be no promotion or relegation

The ECB has laid down guidelines for how the matches will be played and are included in this update. The main ones are as follows

No club teas in between innings, players bring their own refreshments No sweat or saliva to be applied to the cricket ball Hygiene break every 6 overs to sanitize the ball and players to sanitize hands Bowlers not to hand personal items to umpire Batters have set running lines off the wicket 2m from cut pitch Wicket keeper can still stand up to the stumps Players should come to the game ready to play, but if need to change social distancing rules must apply. We can drink in the bar, but bar social distancing rules apply


We also intend to run as many Sunday friendly games for the rest of the season that we can so we will take availability for these each weekend and then aim will be to get home fixtures each time. As a reminder the Captains for the season are as follows 

Mark Lines 1st Team Captain Jag Bhabra 2nd Team Captain Richard Charters 3rd Team Captain Richard Charters Sunday Team Captain 

Subs/match fees 

As the season has been reduced in length this year the subs for the season have been reduced to the following

Seniors £60.00 

Colts £60.00 

Senior match fees £7.00 (no Tea provided). Colts £5.00 flat fee per game 

Best Wishes Windsor CC Committee 



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