COVID 19 Update

By March 18, 2020 No Comments

Following the Committee meeting on 17/03, the club has decided that *all indoor training for all age group will cease immediately* and considered to be concluded for this calendar year.

• The Club is constantly assessing the situation on how to best proceed, and the next update will be on April 14th. This update will include information on official outdoor training & social club events, which for now are SUSPENDED.

• As it stands, the league season and the friendly that start in April are STILL ON, however this is lieu of no decision from the TVL yet and no guideline or advice from the England and Wales Cricket Board. Should we provided new information from either we will update you immediately.

• We would like to thank everyone for their keen commitment to winter nets and for their patience as we look forward to an unconventional start to 2020.

• We would advise all members to adhere to the NHS suggested health/ precaution practices, to prevent the crisis worsening and also putting the 2020 season at further risk.



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