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Old boys manage first win of the season

By July 31, 2012 36 Comments

Marlow Park 1st XI 203 (Gunaparthy 3-4)

Windsor 2nd XI 204 -6 (Baumgartner (K) 71)

The average age of Windsor’s 2nd XI skyrocketed at the weekend as a number of changes were made which included seeing the return of old boys Justin Granger and Brian Davis .  Loosing the toss Windsor were asked to bowl first and Marlow literally raced out of the blocks with some very cultured shots alongside some legside heaves to the short boundary meant Marlow were 56-0 after 10 overs.  Peacock and Chambers made way for Granger and Hill and although Granger made the initial breakthrough it was still hard going as Marlow reached 106-2 at drinks.  Taking the pace of the ball from one end with the leg spin of Kellard in tandem with Granger slowed the rate considerably and with 7 overs to go Marlow were 198- 6 and looking to post a significant total.  However the introduction of Ganapathy whose 6 wickets last week saw him recalled to the 2’s, had an instant impact and he quite literally mopped up the tail having the final 4 wickets all bowled in the space of 2.3 overs to leave Marlow on a gettable 203.  In hindsight, maybe the skipper could have brought him on earlier, but hey, were all experts after the event 😉

In repsonse the anchor of Paul ‘Tugboat’ Huggins was the perfect foil for Kristan Baumgartner, who looked in imperious form as he reached a well deserved 50 and up with the rate at all times, Windsor passed the 100 mark without loss.  When it looked like a century was there for the taking, Baumgartner was adjudged LBW but the basis for the run chase had been setup.  Paul Huggins continued to rotate the strike batting with Gunapathy and Granger and when Rick Baumgartner was bowled, it looked like Windsor were wobbling with 45 still needed off 10 overs with 5 wickets in hand.  However, the old heads of Davis, Hill and Edge saw Windsor home with 3 overs to go, to record their first win of the season and give themselves at least a fighting chance of avoiding relegation.


Chris Edge

Chris Edge

2012 2nd XI captain after an hiatus of 6 years. Voted Windsor CC best dancer for 13 consecutive seasons. His autobiography, centred around the 2005 promotion winning season entitled "Oh, for f*cks sake Nobbsy!" will be available for the Christmas market.


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