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Windsor 1st XI vs Finchampstead

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Windsor 1s continued their season at home to Finchampstead. The hosts won the toss and elected to bat on a pitch which had tricks up its sleeve, synonymous with Windsor of recent years.

After a few early boundaries from openers Dean Allen-Turner and Chris Dixon, both seemed disapointed with their LBW and caught behind dismissals but were forced to go.  Wickets fell at regular intervals as Windsor struggled to form any significant partnerships and, despite Vishal Nair’s 43, they were in a position of difficulty at 121-7.

Windsor’s tail wagged, led by Mark Lines who top scored with 62 in a 100 partnership with Kai Ziemkendorf who added 28. Windsor ended up being bowled out for 244, batting all but one ball of their 40 overs. A very good score after being 121-7 and on a pitch with inconsistent bounce.

Ziemkendorf and Charlie Jackson took the new ball and this week were rewarded for their efforts with two wickets apiece, restricting Finchampstead to 20-4 early on.

Ziemkendorf managed to pass the day without humorous comment for the first time this season, having thought last week that the Union Jack on the edge of Home Park denoted that the Queen was currently in residence.

Ollie Jordan and Dixon replaced the pair and Jordan removed their dangerous number 3 who was looking ominous after a series of sumptuous drives that pierced the offside ring. Dixon then chipped away at the middle order with three wickets in quick succession and Finchampstead seemed all but dead and buried at 79-8.

The pitch continued to play tricks on the batsman as some kept horrifically low whilst one leapt off a length to take the batsman’s gloves and loop well over the keeper, rushing to the boundary.

After a 9th wicket partnership of 42, the spin twins of Lines and Lazarczuk picked up a wicket apiece which saw Finchampstead bowled out for 125, with Dixon taking 3-30 and every bowler contributing to the wickets column.

Windsor won by 119 runs which continued their unbeaten start to the season, seeing them go joint top of the table alongside two other teams.

This Saturday, Windsor 1s travel to Hampshire to take on Aldershot, with a balmy 34C currently forecast.🌡

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